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This School encompasses Professional Development programs (global and/or local) designed for specific groups that have been identified as having high development potential.

This School aims to promote the professional development of all employees (technical, trainee managers and managers) who, having been identified through an objective and rigorous process, can access a long-term development program. This program provides them with the requisite knowledge, business management techniques and skills to grow professionally and lead teams.

  • MAPFRE Integration Program (MIP) (delivered in English)
  • International Management Development Program (IMDP) (delivered in English)
  • Executive Development Program (EDP) (delivered in Spanish)
  • AVANZA con MAPFRE (delivered in English)

More than 50 percent of the contents of these development programs are internal and Management is actively involved in transmitting the company’s strategy. The remaining content, intended to expand on aspects related to business management and skills development, is taught by Universities and Business Schools that collaborate with MAPFRE.

These programs have the same structure and content as Global Programs and are developed in the parent companies of the Regional Units:

  • LATAM NORTH (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • LATAM SOUTH (Bogota, Colombia)
  • BRAZIL (Sao Paulo)
  • NORTH AMERICA (Boston and USA)

Internal contents are transmitted by MAPFRE Management and for external contents each Regional Unit works with a local partner, (University or Business School).

In some countries and business units, local initiatives aimed at the professional development of certain employees from that country / business unit are implemented.