What is the MAPFRE Corporate University?

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Corporate University and training strategy

From its inception, MAPFRE has seen training as a strategic priority and one of its hallmarks. It is committed to ongoing training. Therefore, MAPFRE invests financial, technical and human resources to transfer knowledge and develop the skills of its employees and collaborators. Deploying the MAPFRE culture is also key.

The MAPFRE Corporate University was conceived to pass on the knowledge that MAPFRE professionals need and to contribute to the globalization process. It is a shared global space for all businesses, regions, countries and employees, and provides an excellent opportunity to share MAPFRE’s culture and values.

The Corporate University has one physical campus in Madrid—the Monte del Pilar Campus, operating since 2012—and another in each of Mexico and Brazil.

The University also has a single virtual campus, a shared space for all online training.