What is the MAPFRE Corporate University?

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MAPFRE, from its very beginnings, has considered training as one of its strategic priorities and one of its identifying hallmarks, and is committed to internal training as a key factor. To this end, it invests financial, technical and human resources to continuously improve the preparedness of its employees and collaborators, providing them with the knowledge and skills required to do their jobs, as well as consolidating their capacity to advise clients and transmit a sense of trust.

To deploy the knowledge that MAPFRE professionals need and to contribute toward the globalization process, the MAPFRE Corporate University was created as a global, shared space for all businesses, regions, countries and employees, which at the same time, also provides an excellent opportunity for sharing our culture and values.

Currently, the Corporate University has a physical campus located in Madrid (Spain) that has been operational since 2012, the Monte del Pilar Campus , in addition to another Campus in Mexico. Furthermore, MAPFRE is working on the opening of new campuses in Brazil and USA in the future.

The University also has a universal virtual campus called MAPFRE eCampus, as a shared space for all online training. In our organization, training is designed and taught according to a standard learning strategy and to a shared training model for all of MAPFRE.

The core training global strategies are:

  •  To provide employees with the skills needed to carry out their duties and achieve their goals, contribute toward their professional development and increase their employability.
  • Sharing knowledge (the Corporate University motto), making it possible to take greater advantage of synergies between countries and businesses (best practices and expert knowledge).
  • To increase knowledge of MAPFRE’s culture and integrate groups from different professional and geographic backgrounds.