The palace and its adjacent buildings date back to the beginning of the 20th century, together comprising an architectural complex with typical elements like towers, chimneys and gates.

It was the location and headquarters of Fundación MAPFRE from 1989 to September 2009.

On January 1, 2012, it was inaugurated as the MAPFRE Training Center.

The campus is located at Monte del Pilar, the natural continuation of the upper basin of the Manzanares River Regional Park, artificially separated from it by the A6 highway and the residential complexes built along both of its banks over the second half of the last century: El Plantío, first, and La Florida, later.

According to the records of the cadastre of the Marquis of la Ensenada of 1750-1754, it was originally a public forest with roads, paths, lanes and streams, used by all of the town’s inhabitants. It was privatized in 1863, but the inhabitants were entitled to use the paths, lanes, fountains and streams.

Prior to its assignment to the City Council of Majadahonda, the Monte belonged to the Oriol family. The General Plan for Urban Zoning of Majadahonda proposed Monte del Pilar as a General System of Open Spaces, thereby becoming a public park.

Aside from the Oriol Palace, which is the current headquarters of the MAPFRE Corporate University, other buildings in the vicinity include: Palacio de Cotoblanco, Granja Nueva, Casa de Labor, Casa de Díaz y Flora, Casa del Hortelano and Granja Vieja, which was transformed to house the Majadahonda Bird Sanctuary (Grefa).