The mansion and its adjacent buildings date from the beginning of the 20th century, forming an architectural complex with distinctive elements such as turrets, chimneys and railings.

The property housed the Fundación MAPFRE headquarters and facilities from 1989 to September 2009.

It was inaugurated as a MAPFRE Training Center on January 1, 2012.

The campus is located at Monte del Pilar, which is a natural continuation of the Cuenca Alta Manzanares Regional Park. Monte del Pilar is separated from the park by the A6 highway and by the El Plantío (built first) and La Florida real estate developments, built on its two borders during the second half of the 20th century.

According to the Marquis de la Ensenada Land Register of 1750–1754, it was originally a communal forest with numerous paths, trails, walkways and streams enjoyed by the city’s residents. It passed into private hands in 1863, although the residents retained their rights to use the trails, walkways, fountains and streams.

Before its transfer to the Majadahonda City Council, Monte del Pilar was in the hands of the Oriol family. The Majadahonda General Urban Management Plan proposed that Monte del Pilar become part of the General Open Space System, and it passed into the public domain as a forest park.

In addition to the Palacio de Oriol, the home of the current Monte del Pilar Campus of the MAPFRE Corporate University, the property hosts a range of other buildings. These include the Palacio de Cotoblanco (Cotoblanco Palace), the Granja Nueva (the New Farm), the Casa de Labor (Workers’ House), the Casa de Díaz y Flora (Diaz and Flora House), the Casa del Hortelano (Orchard-worker’s House) and the Granja Vieja (Old Farm), which was re-purposed to house the Majadahonda Bird Hospital run by GREFA.