Campus Monte del Pilar

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In a globalized environment characterized by a multitude of changes, MAPFRE continuously strives to offer its employees the best training programs, both in Spain as well as in the other countries in which the Group is present.

Over recent years, our organization has developed significantly and so the MAPFRE Corporate University was created, comprising a universal Virtual Campus shared by all employees, as well as different physical campuses across different countries and geographic areas. The first physical campus created was the Monte del Pilar Campus, in Madrid (Spain).

By establishing the Monte del Pilar Campus, MAPFRE consolidates itself as a dynamic and innovative organization committed to adapting itself to modern times while simultaneously upholding the values that have shaped its development throughout its history

The goals of the Campus include:

  • To create a shared meeting point for employees across different businesses and geographical locations, in a setting that fosters learning, reflection and the transmission of knowledge.
  • To maximize MAPFRE’S mission, vision and values.
  • To promote the exchange of organizational knowledge, sharing of best practices and developing innovative projects.
  • To favor the achievement of MAPFRE’s objectives through comprehensive, ongoing training of the Group’s professionals.
  • To contribute toward the professional development of employees and collaborators, both nationally and internationally.