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In a globalized and ever-changing environment, MAPFRE is constantly striving to offer training programs for its employees that are aligned with the group’s strategy at the global and local levels.

Training at MAPFRE has undergone major development in recent years. The MAPFRE Corporate University was created in 2014 and is the umbrella under which MAPFRE hosts all training globally. The University has a unique virtual campus common to all MAPFRE eCampus employees and different physical campuses in various countries and locations. The first physical campus created was Monte del Pilar in Madrid (Spain).

With the establishment of the Monte del Pilar Campus, MAPFRE reaffirmed itself as a dynamic, innovative organization that is committed to adapting to the present, while maintaining the values that have shaped the company throughout its history.

The goals of the Monte del Pilar Campus include:

  • Creating a shared meeting space for employees from different businesses and geographical backgrounds   in an environment that encourages learning, reflection and knowledge transfer.
  • Promoting MAPFRE’s vision, mission and values.
  • Fostering the organization’s knowledge exchange, sharing best practices and developing innovative   projects globally.
  • Contributing to the continuous development of employees and professionals.