Natural Environment

The Monte del Pilar Campus is located in El Monte del Pilar, which is part of a forest mass of about 800 hectares, which was a Royal Hunting Ground of Madrid in the time of Felipe II.​

Bicycle routes and routes for walk

Rutas en bici

To enjoy this privileged environment, there are marked routes for biking and walking, and informative signs about the flora and fauna that can be observed​

Wildlife animal Hospital ​​​


In Monte del Pilar you can visit the Wildlife Hospital of GREFA (Group for the Rehabilitation of local Fauna and its Habitat) where wildlife recovery activities, projects with endangered species, and environmental education and awareness are carried out​

Do you know that…?​

The Campus is located in a protected area, and this means that we have to be very careful when carrying out any action in our Campus facilities, not to damage the environment, for example:​

In some parking areas, gravel and wooden sleepers have been used to delimit parking spaces.

To prevent ice on access roads, we have selected an environmentally alternative to salt. Salt dissolved in the soil affects negatively to the organisms that live on the ground, and to the plants that absorb it, and reaches surface and groundwater, degrading its quality and affecting all organisms.

Exterior Zone 03
Agua caliente

Domestic hot water is mainly provided by 24 solar thermal panels located on several of the campus roofs.