Waste Management

Do you know where to recycle the waste you generate during your stay at the Campus?​

Placing waste products in the containers specifically designated for such purpose is key to promote recycling.​​ It implies that we put them to a new use, promoting their recycling and reducing the consumption of natural resources to obtain raw materials. Therefore, we contribute to the circular economy, to the protection of the environment, to the reduction of our carbon footprint (MAPFRE Group’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030) and to avoid air, soil and water pollution. Your participation is key!

On our Campus there are specific containers to separate the different types of waste we generate:

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send them to the mailbox zzd DISMA Environment disma.medioambiente@mapfre.com

Do you know where to recycle the waste you generate during your stay at the Campus?​

  • Blue container: for paper and cardboard​.​
  • Yellow container: for plastic and metal containers (soda cans), plastic lids of coffee cups and bricks.​​
  • Gray container: these are security containers for paper and other information media (they are made of gray wood, with a narrow slot and a lock). Here you can deposit ALL THE PAPER you want to get rid off, its use is not only for confidential documents.​​
  • Cardboard boxes for toner waste.
  • Containers for disposing of masks (cut the elastic strips beforehand): you should also deposit gloves, tissues or paper towels in them.​​
  • Garbage bins with black bags: where you can also deposit tissues or paper towels, and any other waste that is not recyclable (chewing gum, staples, broken paper clips, office material that is not paper, etc.).​​
  • Ashtrays: only for cigarette butts (no coffee cups, no napkins, no cigarette packs, etc.).​​
  • Others things also recyclable: Glass and cardboard, electronic devices, batteries etc..​