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Technical training brings together all the technical content and knowledge related to our businesses (Insurance, Reinsurance, Global Risks, Assistance, Services and Specialty Risks), whether global or local (of a particular business/country), and is focused on the knowledge required for improving our business processes and general knowledge related to insurance management.
Furthermore, it includes the technical knowledge relating to the company’s functions: Finance, Legal, Operations, Marketing and Communication, Audit, Actuarial, HR, Technology, Resources and other processes.
Specifically, technical training of salespeople is commercial training linked to the commercial strategy and its goal is to provide the sales force with knowledge on products and services, specific sales skills and techniques as well as commercial management tools.
This pillar includes the Technical Knowledge Schools. The following are currently operational:

The aim of this School is to equip the actuarial teams in all of MAPFRE’s companies across the globe with the requisite level of training and information to guarantee the optimum performance of this function, which is vital to our business.

The knowledge areas are:

  • Pricing
  • Technical provisions
  • Actuarial risk modeling
  • Predictive analysis
The purpose of this School is to provide auditing professionals with the requisite level of knowledge, management tools and best practices to carry out their work.

The knowledge areas are:

  • Management tools (AUDITMAP)
  • Procedures
  • Finance-insurance management
  • Risks management
  • System Auditing
This School provides the professionals of this area with the requisite level of knowledge to guarantee efficient financial and risk management, a key aspect of MAPFRE’s growth.

The knowledge areas are:

  • Risk management
  • Management control, administration and accounting
  • Corporate finance
  • Investment
The main purpose of this School is:

  • To provide MAPFRE Technology and Processes professionals with the knowledge required to address all challenges posed by globalization: Tools and Processes standardization, Governance Models and Digital Transformation.

Its knowledge areas are grouped in 3 pillars:

  • Digital Transformation:
    • Client Orientation
    • Operational Improvement
  • Governance Model
  • Processes and Tools Standardization

Furthermore, there are other Technical Knowledge Schools:

The following schools are scheduled to open in 2016: