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  • Formación Transversal

This training encompasses all contents that can be directed to any employee, regardless of one’s duties in the company, and the area to which one belongs.

Its function is to provide employees with knowledge on our culture and values, on MAPFRE common policies, as well as to continue promoting the development of skills and the learning of languages.

Induction programs, MAPFRE Culture and Values, and skills training (generic and management) and languages are included here.

The Schools within this pillar of the Global Training Model are:

This School is focused on providing training to all employees related to MAPFRE’s culture and values, including the company’s global policies and corporate induction programs.

The main contents of this School are:

  • Induction
    • Welcome Program
    • Get to know MAPFRE
    • Introduction to Insurance
  • Culture
    • MAPFRE Values
  • The current Global Policies that all employees worldwide should be familiar with are:
    • Equality
    • Social Responsibility
    • Code of Ethics and Conduct
    • Disability Program
    • Internal Control
    • Environment Policy
The purpose of this School is to facilitate collaborators in the development of management and/or interpersonal skills that allow them to improve their performance. The contents of this School relate to:

  • Strategic skills
    • Client Orientation
    • Innovation
    • Commitment
  • Generic skills
    • Time management
    • Effective communication
    • Adapting to change and flexibility
    • Collaborator development
    • Leadership
    • Impact and influence
    • Initiative
    • Office IT
This School gives all employees access to language knowledge skills as a crucial vehicle for communication among MAPFRE professionals, collaborators and clients worldwide. The training offered will be in the three corporate languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

It includes all training programs, both in-person, online and blended, that are offered worldwide and that are defined through the Human Resources Areas, depending on the requirements of each person/position.

Similarly, the Language School through the MAPFRE eCampus, makes its Library – a virtual space with contents and resources that promote and facilitate the learning of the MAPFRE corporate languages – available to all employees worldwide.